In Texas the word CHIP means a law enforcement officer's mistress or 2nd girlfriend unknown from the other woman he is in a relationship with.
I am going to see my CHIP tonight and give her a good bone before I head home.
by Carlos Arguelles July 10, 2008
A term of great excitement or happiness. If something good goes your way, it is very chip. If something negative happens it lacks chip.
Robb: "Dude I so pwned that nub!"
Brian: "OMG that is so chip!"

Brian: "Dude I just won the lottery!"
Robb: "CHIP!"

Brian: "yeah, Yeah, YEAH!...."
Robb: "uh, chip!?"
Brian: "Hell ya boyeee!"
by SpikeisGrand December 05, 2007
Trying to be cute when not
Niggas mad chips; Shes mad chips
by BlackSupaMAn May 06, 2013
To give chips is to give someone head.
Guy 1: Oi did she give you chips?
Guy 2: Yerrrr mate me gyal gives me chips lyk im tha don
Guy 1: Fuckin' sick bro!
by thadon89 June 09, 2011
a person who resembles his father in looks and behavior.
That guy is just like his father; a chip off the old block.
by Dotti Caper February 04, 2010
Your cheek and your lip.
I turned when she tried to kiss me and she totally got me on the chip.
by jdizzle69 December 01, 2007
The crusty lozenge sometimes found in a women's panties, formed by vaginal secretions.
Man, that bitch is so fine, I would eat the chips right out of her panties!
by Cuddle Finger May 03, 2011

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