a word use to tell your friend about a hot girl in front of you so she doesn't know that you're talking about her.
Guy: Dude, chip. 12 o'clock.

Guy's Friend: I would love to eat that chip till there's nothing left!
by orachueue January 06, 2011
another name for chewing tobacco or dip. commonly referred to as throwing in the chip, or puttin in a fat lip.
yo zessie, wanna go throw in the chip?

lets go pack the chip.
by big zon March 12, 2009
a person who resembles his father in looks and behavior.
That guy is just like his father; a chip off the old block.
by Dotti Caper February 04, 2010
In Beauty and the Beast, you'll barely see Chip on stage because every character tells him to go to sleep. Whenever you do see him, he is hopping around, attached to his mother.
"Go to bed Chip!'
by MatthewL27 January 06, 2010
In Texas the word CHIP means a law enforcement officer's mistress or 2nd girlfriend unknown from the other woman he is in a relationship with.
I am going to see my CHIP tonight and give her a good bone before I head home.
by Carlos Arguelles July 10, 2008
A term of great excitement or happiness. If something good goes your way, it is very chip. If something negative happens it lacks chip.
Robb: "Dude I so pwned that nub!"
Brian: "OMG that is so chip!"

Brian: "Dude I just won the lottery!"
Robb: "CHIP!"

Brian: "yeah, Yeah, YEAH!...."
Robb: "uh, chip!?"
Brian: "Hell ya boyeee!"
by SpikeisGrand December 05, 2007
Your cheek and your lip.
I turned when she tried to kiss me and she totally got me on the chip.
by jdizzle69 December 01, 2007

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