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3 definitions by Padmakumar.R

Long or short, plump or lean, yellow or red or green, well covered with thick skin fruit which is an yield of the plaintain tree, which is if grass family.

Nagercoil of south india (tamil nadu) is famous for variety of sweet bananas.
matti pazham
chevvaazhai pazham
thuLuvan pazham
poovan pazham
Etthan pazham
kadhali pazham
rasa kadhali
chingan pazham
paalayam kOdan pazham
pacchai pazham
pEyan pazham
kaRpoora valli pazham
by Padmakumar.R October 17, 2003
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Nagercoil is famous for salty and sweety banana chips
Etthankaai uppEri is nothing but banana chips
by Padmakumar.R October 17, 2003
4 25
nagercoil is a good town
by Padmakumar.R October 17, 2003
5 38