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Chips is Chips: a statement that can be used in many scenarios to more or less declare that "it is what it is", or "live and let go". Almost always this saying is used to eleviate the intensity of a conversation, conflict, or dilemma at hand. It helps us single out the petty worries of day to day living.
Husband: "Oh what a terrible day! We lost power today at the office, I was stuck in traffic for two hours, and got pulled over ten minutes before I got home!"
Wife: "Don't worry about it so much dear, chips is chips."
by RitaIsItalianForICE January 04, 2009
noun (n.)
A state of being in which one is extremely drunk. Possibly to the extent where beginning to justify one's actions is nearly impossible.

verb (v.)
The act of intoxicating oneself to an "above average" level.
As a noun:
Sally: "I can't BELIEVE the things you were doing at that party last night!"
Dave: "Why? What did I do? All I know is that I was shamamahammered last night... so I can only imagine what I did."

As a verb:
"Let's get shamamahammered tonight!"
by RitaIsItalianForICE January 04, 2009
noun (n.)
Any liquid, oil, or secretion that is created by the human body and has the ability to leave behind a stain or mark. More commonly thought of forms would be saliva, sweat, or blood (just to name a few). People Goo can easily be spotted on sleek surfaces such as glass, metal, or plastic, as well as lightly colored fabrics.
"You only borrowed my ipod for an hour, and it is terribly smudged with your People Goo."

by RitaIsItalianForICE January 04, 2009
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