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What you call an Asian girl who highly denys the fact she is Asian.
Lindsey: Hey Louisa, how was Chinese class?
Louisa: Im not Chinese
Lindsey: Of course you are Ching-Ling
Louisa: Just cause I look Asian doesnt mean I am.
Lindsey: Whatever you say Ching-Ling
Ching-Ling: I fucking hate you Lindsey
by linzangeles May 19, 2013
Small wind chime-like Pokemon, pre-evolved form of Chimeco.
Does your Chingling need a cherri berry?
by Ryuu Sakurai May 25, 2009
The origination of the metalic sound in your pocket on payday.The metalic substance that you find in your pocket at the club after the 20s are gone and
you need a drink. chingling, changlang,change
"Do you have any chingling?"
"Whats up whith the chingling, its friday?"
"there ait no chingling up in here!!"
by T-Bone August 24, 2004
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