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What you call an Asian girl who highly denys the fact she is Asian.
Lindsey: Hey Louisa, how was Chinese class?
Louisa: Im not Chinese
Lindsey: Of course you are Ching-Ling
Louisa: Just cause I look Asian doesnt mean I am.
Lindsey: Whatever you say Ching-Ling
Ching-Ling: I fucking hate you Lindsey
by linzangeles May 19, 2013
6 0
a racist term, used to describe asians....
Hey, whats that chingling doing over here?
by lonely man 875632 September 13, 2007
9 5
Small wind chime-like Pokemon, pre-evolved form of Chimeco.
Does your Chingling need a cherri berry?
by Ryuu Sakurai May 25, 2009
5 3
The origination of the metalic sound in your pocket on payday.The metalic substance that you find in your pocket at the club after the 20s are gone and
you need a drink. chingling, changlang,change
"Do you have any chingling?"
"Whats up whith the chingling, its friday?"
"there ait no chingling up in here!!"
by T-Bone August 24, 2004
2 7