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1.(n) A large penis, approximately the size of a pringles can. (Origin): It was rumored that former Chicago Bears running back Curtis Enis had a penis that would fill a pringles can when erect.

2.(a) The act of having sex with (1)

3.(n) A long cylindrical can used to contain a popular make of potato chips
(1) Shit nigga, you never said you had a pringles can. I better use lots of KY.

(2) Damn bitch, you makin' me so horny I just want to pringles can yo' ass.

(3) Yo holmes, pass over that pringles can.
by OrangeFever March 16, 2004
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The act of doing a hand stand while being ate out.
"Damn, Tony gave me a Pringles Can last night and now im sore!"
by lkasduifc gwortlsf vgiflksjfdl January 16, 2012
What people with too much time on there hands and no money use as the base for a low cost wifi antenna to leach off a distance access point. Particularly effective if done right. Many guides on the internet.
Forumer 1: I need an antenna to steal my schools wifi about 0.5 miles away, direct LoS
Forumer 2: *Inserts Pringles can antenna guide hyperlink* works like a charm been stealing "Linksys" and "Joes wifi" to play world of war craft for 2 years now. Dumb bastards don't secure it.....
Forumer 1: thanks
by Networking_aficianado999 July 21, 2009
The amount of time it takes one to fill a pringles can with sperm.
It's been almost three pringles cans since I have had sex!

He plays so much everqust, he probably wont get laid for thirty pringles cans.
by Nosnam November 20, 2003

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