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A chode that, when photographed, must be measured next to a mini Pringles can.
Girl 1: "Oh my god, he texted me a picture of his chingle."
Girl 2: "I think he sent me the same one! Was it sour cream and onion and smaller than the can?"
Girl 1: "Yeah, I puked in my mouth a little."
by VixenBlitz August 11, 2010
Loose change, small change (coins only).
I only had a pocket of chingle, but it was enough to buy a pint of beer.
by Mark Brown September 17, 2006
Cool; Off the hook
That guy's hat is chingle.
by Osumness January 14, 2014
the words cheese and singles formed together to make chingles.
elsa: im so hungry man, and theres nothing in the fridge
perri: cmon man , thats not the spirit, go grab a chingles!
by eeeeeeellsa June 20, 2008
Verb: to cheat; to screw over
David: There is no change from dinner!
Caroline: That was a $20 bill, not a five! You chingled me!
by cmlcml July 10, 2008
When a person's chins reach such a mass that they drop to the ankles and become ambiguous.
Woah, that chick has chingles!

You'd better watch out, or you'll trip over your chingles.

by ChrisO_D August 12, 2006
Fucking single. Combination of Spanish "chingar" and English "single".
I haven't had a date in a year, I'm gonna be chingle for life.
by Handsomus October 26, 2010