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A person that is half Chinese, and half Indian.
Damn, I didn't think Hindus got enough Chinese trim to make lil' baby chindus!
by Egisto March 25, 2006
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A chindu is a person who is half-Chinese and half-Hindu. They descent from the ancient Lizard People way before our time.
They live in trees and are allergic to people of "Ginger" descent since their kinds used to fight back in the days.
"Hey, whose that weird guy over there?"
"Oh, he's a Chindu."
by ChinduGirl May 14, 2010
CHubby hINDU = Chindu
Dude, what is your bizarre fascination with that chindu from next door? OK, she's got nice jugs and all, but still....
by June 02, 2006

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