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A person that is half Chinese, and half Indian.
Damn, I didn't think Hindus got enough Chinese trim to make lil' baby chindus!
by Egisto March 25, 2006
A black person born in Thailand.
That dark man from bangkok isn't a nigger, he's a tiger.
by Egisto March 25, 2006
Someone that lives above Rome at least in Sienna, Abbruzzese are almost alright, But a bit to low on the food chain.Sicilians are nice people and have a beautiful Island but are basically that: Islanders. The rest of them in the south are Terroni and deserve to move to Albania or Turkey with thier own kind, or Brooklyn New York or Northern New Jersey where most people are Guinea Shiteaters that have no Clue about what it means to Eat Tartufi, Porcini freschi, Ovoli, Lampredotto, or Finnochiona. Italians are very lucky people that get to eat great food, live in thier parent's house for their entire lives, complain about Eurodollars, not have kids, spend alot of time primping themselves, and driving in small automobiles. Men are a bit gayish but just in touch with thier feminine side. Women are very pretty and get money from thier Babbo to go out to the club or discotecha in order to find some foreskin to pull on after they drink too many Gin Lemons. They do not drive cars with tinted windows and sound systems, look or sound like any of the Gotti family, eat cheese on fish, wax thier eyebrows(men), Have hairy armpits, legs, or twats(women), Cut the skin off thier dicks, or drink cappucino's after dinner.
That's not a guinea, he's an Italian from Empoli.
by Egisto March 25, 2006

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