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Wild, bushy eyebrows, a la Groucho Marx, especially when describing a woman.
The girl is real cute, but what's with those grouchos? My grandfather doesn't even have eyebrows like that!
by Ska.one June 30, 2006
Very large, hairy eyebrows, especially on a woman.
She's kind of cute, but what's up wuth those grouchos? Honey needs to do something about that.
by Ska.one June 29, 2006
CHubby hINDU = Chindu
Dude, what is your bizarre fascination with that chindu from next door? OK, she's got nice jugs and all, but still....
by Ska.one June 02, 2006
1. Woman or women, used primarily in a way that obejectifies, as if the only useful part was the vagina; similarly used in the phrase "get some ass"
2. A joint.
1. I need to get laid; let's go out and find some nice slippy.

2. Yo, what's up with that slippy? I want to smoke, brother.
by Ska.one January 13, 2006
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