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when a woman is arched in the shape of a rainbow, and the man ejaculates all over her.
rachel had done crazy shit before, but nothing like the chilli rainbow martin had planned.
by T. Walton May 03, 2006
When a male bends over and shoots diarrea over a table, resembling a brown rainbow.
He had a chilli rainbow after eating in the caf
by Caityr June 08, 2006
Is when a woman is hunched upside down on her shoulders, where she then pisses and shits on to her own face representing the pot of gold. The piss would pan out acting as a rainbow. The logs of soggy poop would soar through the air as if it were chilli.
When President Bush Eats Mexicans He Chilli Rainbows himself asleep. The End.
by Jonathan Ramjattan May 23, 2008

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