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A Mexican beauty with beautiful, long hair and amazing brown eyes. Grisels are usually very nice. Some seem like they have a cara de fuchi, but once you get to know her she's super cool. A wild animal as a lover. Definitely a freak. Once you tie her down, you have her and hold onto that girl like a bag of pan dulce because she's that sweet when she likes you. Steal anything thats hers and she'll kick you into another year, das for sure. Grisels hve amazing boobs and butt. their voices will seduce you even wit the weirdest sentences. have good sense of style and are very hard-headed girls. LOVE drama. Smell good. Amazing kissers and will make you orgasm just by looking at them. best lover and friend you could ever have!
Person 1: dang, that girl is so fine.
Person 2: i bet her name is Grisel!

all these girls suck. I want to meet a Grisel.

Grisel asked me to pick up her dogs poop and I actually said yes. Her voice is so sexy.
by lisamoralesforever January 03, 2014
Meaning a girl that is afraid of what people might think of her.
Quiet, shy.
Doesn't have much friends because of the fact that she is very shy.
If you see a Grisel, it is mostly short for Griselda.
Shes usually white,slim,slender,and usually brunette.
Wow! Do you see that quiet girl over there? ...shes a Grisel.
by The person who wrote this. April 11, 2009

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