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2 definitions by snackycakes64

one who wants to seem cool in front of others by using dirty words or obscenities, but is realistically too shy or too religious to use the actual cuss word.

Fuck turns into Freak as in What the fuck?/What the freak?
Shit turns into Crap (or Dip)as in Bullshit/Bullcrap
Twelve year old Maggie wanted to seem more mature, but she was such a cuss bust that everyone thought she was a dork.
by snackycakes64 August 15, 2006
12 4
A sore or mark that resembles a hickey on a man's penis usually resulting from sex. Can be made if he pulls out and pushes back in wrong, or from friction.
My chilly rainbow changes colors when it itches!
by snackycakes64 July 28, 2006
36 34