A little flea-like creatue that like to hang out in woods and then when you are least expecting it, jump up and bite you all over.
Person 1: Sits on a stump
by Rats McGee May 23, 2005
Top Definition
An offensive term for a chinese person who thinks their black. (chinese nigger)

Similar to wigger which is a white person who thinks they are or act like they are black.
Kai Chin Phan is a chigger.
by GenocideX March 03, 2005
Chinese guy acting black
andy is a chigger and hes trying 2 be black
by y do u care March 03, 2005
a tiny red bug that lives in the grass in the midwest that sucks your blood. can create rash and itch and shit.
fuck, i got a chigger bite
by definerX April 07, 2007
A chinese person who thinks they are black.
Annie Ma is a chigger.
by jail bait July 27, 2005
A chinnese thinking or wanting to be black or "gangster" due to a big influence of Hip Hop and ghetto based music.
similar to a wigger
Boy 1: where's hyun sun?
Boy 2: He's turned into a chigger and is 'chilling' at the video game store with his new 'homies'.
by ashz0r January 09, 2006
a chinese mofo who thinks his yellow ass is black.
Damn shorty... that motha fucka Soo Young is a chigger.
by Bo-bo June 24, 2006
Chinese tryna act black
Leehom Wang is a chigger but he's still fucking hot
by mrs. wang December 31, 2005
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