a chinese person trying to act like a white person trying to act like a black person

a CHINESE PERSON trying to act like a WIGGER trying to act like a NIGGER

one step lower then a wigger on the wannabe scale
chink + nigger = chigger you get the idea
by la puta del diablo January 04, 2008
wigger("chinese nigger" although most chiggers are actually of southeast asian origin)Similar to a wigger but used to refer to asians who want to be black and play at living the thug life. Usually they will sport Fubu clothing, gold chains and low hanging pants. Unlike their white cousins who roll in mom or dad's suv, chiggers usually pimp rusty honda civics or corollas. They usually travel in packs of 4 or more.
Did you check out those fuck'n chiggers acting like they're all tough and shit. Motherfuckers only 4 feet tall and I'm supposed to be scared
by mke mac July 31, 2008
- st. | A species of harvest mite with a red exoskeletal structure, Trombicula Alfreddugesi.

- n. | The combination of the word "China", and "Nigger". Referring to any Asian Male, that dresses in a "Western-Rap" fashion.
*Walking in a forest with Asian Friends*

Dirty fuckin' <CHIGGERS>!

*Friends stare blankly*

What! There fucking biting me!

by Sori_Boi - The Definer March 27, 2009
a chineese Black man
That Chigger there stole my computer !!!
by DarkSkullBash September 19, 2008
A man or woman who is both black and asian.
John: What race is Tiger Woods?
Billy: He's a Chigger.
Chinese person actin black.
Look at dat Chigger over actin like a fool.
by Karl ........ May 13, 2005
A baby born half Chinese and half black...
Chiggers are very rare so even funnier when you spot one!!!
by AmmyJay April 22, 2008
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