A person that is chinese/asian and black.

That faggot Khang is such a chigger
#chink #chinese #sushi #can't see #rice
by Ken Vo April 14, 2008
when an asaian person wants to become or acts like a black person they are known as a chigger .
" look at that chigger over there acting all G "
#asian #nigga #chigger #gangsta #black
by imballin April 01, 2008
A small parasitic mite. See also Chegro.
Chiggers sometimes live in bushes
by mikeejimbo July 31, 2005
a. A slang term for a confused Chinaman who believes he is a nigger. A chigger will learn to speak in ebonics, use ghettospiel, dress in "urban" fashions, and will generally be perceived as either an fool or a menace to society.

b. Typical chiggers are also fond of rap and hip hop music and will often try to immitate the lowest lifeform on the face of the earth; the nigger.

c. Chiggers are the lowest form of the Asian race. They are detestable, uncouth and ill-mannered. They are the third most detestable scum of the earth; the first being an actual nigger and the second being a whigger.

That retarded ABC (American Born Chinese) over there is such a moronic chigger!
#nigger #black #negro #stupid #retarded #idiot #lame #chinese #chinaman #coon #slave #rap #hip hop #r&b #nigga
by Darconius February 03, 2009
1. a chinese guy tryin to act like a black guy
2. a chinese black guy
chinese + nigger = chigger
#poop #shit #crap #ass #butt
by iGOTRIIIIICEbitch October 24, 2006
a chinese black man.
a parasite that lives in grass.
#chinese #blacks #african americans #parasites #fleas #tics
by ShPanDa349 July 29, 2009
A little flea-like creatue that like to hang out in woods and then when you are least expecting it, jump up and bite you all over.
Person 1: Sits on a stump
by Rats McGee May 23, 2005
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