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4 definitions by definerX

A person who is from a eastern oriental country such as China, Japan, or Korea. Asians are usually smart and have the following aspects although not limited to:
1. straight A's
2. strict parents
3. good at Math and Science
4. superb SAT and ACT scores
5. Ivy League college oriented
6. some can break dance and rap
7. good at video games
8. generally dominates at anything they set out to do

also, asians are considered nerds, but more of a cool-nerd type.
asian 1: hey, i got 2320 on my SAT!
asian 2: i got 2350!
asian 1: damn!

asian 3: fuck! i got an A- in english. shit, my parents are gonna kill me.

by definerX April 07, 2007
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a tiny red bug that lives in the grass in the midwest that sucks your blood. can create rash and itch and shit.
fuck, i got a chigger bite
by definerX April 07, 2007
309 57
stands for:
1. bullshit
2. backstab (mostly in online gaming)
1. that was total bs
2. no bs in game
by definerX April 07, 2007
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getting owned like a pawn in a game, usually an online video game.
dude, that was total pawnage
by definerX April 07, 2007
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