someone who hogs the marijuana when passing a bowl, joint, or bong
"pass that bowl ya Damn chief"
by ninja420 November 22, 2011
when a girl is a straight dime or when a specific body part of a girl is just amazing.
"Damn, that booty is straight chief"
"Kerry is chief as fuck"
" Yo bro, that chick is so chief!"
by Nemohulk February 18, 2014
Something that is so awesome that you cannot describe it any other way than chief
Or being a social misfit (by doing something stupid) and ironically describing yourself as 'chief'.
Replaces boss or gooch.
Paul: I forgot that it was non-school uniform day and I'm wearing my uniform.
John: No way, dude you're literally getting the piss kicked out of you.
Paul: Nah, i'm just chief.

John: What's chief?
Paul: The more modern way of saying boss or gooch.
John: Oh, chief.
by TaylorS999 January 24, 2012
An exemplar; of high regard; the head honcho; masterful.
Wow dude, that beer last night was chief.
by krogg November 25, 2013
To chief is to take an additional hit of marijuana, against the rules of the group, if smoked in a circle. Chiefing is largely considered to be unethical in pothead circles, as most circles hold a rule saying a maximum of two hits should be taken before passing.

Another alternative form of chiefing is done mutually, with two members of a circle taking hits back and forth without passing it to the rest of the group. This is usually done if the entire circle is preoccupied by something else. Like solo chiefing, this is looked down upon, but is less serious as this is more likely to be viewed as a joke.
1) That's it, we told you, no chiefing!
2) I have no idea what these clowns are talking about... want to chief?
by Samsone Maximus Iscicus March 27, 2013
A term which is interchangeable with 'gay' or 'homosexual' or a word used to describe someone who is, or is doing something, slightly afeminate. Aka 'a Pillow biter'
Marks taken 2 hours to get ready to go out. What a chief.

Matt's being a chief. He isn't on going out tonight because it's 'raining.
by AnonymousLondon February 20, 2014
1) Smoking marijuana, called "Chief" because of the peace pipe.

2) To "Chief" something in a friendly manner is to take ownership of something that isn't yours, but doesn't harm anyone.

3) To own someone/something, usually related with the above definition.

4) To "Chief" something in a negative manner is to take ownership of something that isnt yours, but usually annoys someone. (UK slang)

5) To sarcastically call someone a superior.
1) Chief, *First hit*

2) Taking alot of hits when you're passing a pipe/bong/hooka hose/etc.

3) Chiefing someone in a game, or Chiefing the bowl.

4) Jaunt chiefed my telly!

5) "Hey dad can you buy me ______"
"Alright chief, why don't you go pull $____ out of your ass."
by Commander in Chief August 24, 2005

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