A visual skin blemish on the chin, caused by friction from facial hair of another. Common between lovers of which one possesses stubble or short facial hair.
"What happened to your chin?! Is that a chickey?!"
by WhatADow November 08, 2011
A top-down, mass distributed ass hickey, from a company's C-suite, to publicly praise or acknowledge one or more people. While not as fluffy as a typical mass hickey from the trenches up to the C-suite, it remains an effective, but potentially uncomfortable motivational tool. Often used in an email with multiple cc's, a chickey often includes a blatant reference to the chicky to warn those who might attempt to ridicule the sender. As with a mass hickey, a chickey makes all recipients feel good for the person(s) praised, yet at the same time they feel somewhat violated.
Oh my gosh Mango, did you see Antonio's chickey? It was quite well crafted and articulate, but did you get the drift that we shouldn't comment? OUCH! If I were you, I'd step up my game as you clearly have competition.
by btedstrom December 05, 2007

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