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When someone consistently and intensely kisses ass and latches on for so long that it leaves a hickey.
Did you see that brown-nosing Jimmy? He kissed Joes ass so much that he left an ass hickey!
by BTedstrom August 30, 2006
An overpowering Mass Hickey given its name by the sheer force of the sucking power such that the remnant is a full-on Welt.
“Well, Mango did it again. He cc’d so many people on his last email about Javier’s sale that he must have given himself carpal tunnel syndrome. It was like he spent hours moistening his lips before he latched on for this one as he really left a bunch of Swelties. I bet that everyone who got the Sweltie had to run to the drug store for some salve. Mango needs to cc himself on some of these just so that he can grasp the feeling of a Sweltie. See Self Sweltie.
by btedstrom May 26, 2007
A self-inflicted Sweltie often used in email by way of a cc or bcc to oneself.
I gave Mango so much shit about his Mass Hickies and Swelties that I told him to take his own medicine and cc himself to see how it feels. After giving himself a Self Sweltie, Mango reported that his self-inflicted welt felt like he’d been scrubbing his ass with sandpaper for a week. He immediately ran to the drug store for an ice pack and some salve.
by btedstrom May 26, 2007
An incredibly lame ass hickey where the sender omits important information, such as names, or doesn't spell check the message before sending it. This is such a lame attempt that the "latching on" step of the ass hickey is completely missed, and the recipient only gets licked. While the recipient(s) still feel violated, as they do when receiving a mass hickey, they walk away from the lickey un-marked, but feeling somewhat damp.
Hey Svetlana, did you see Mango's most recent lickey? He totally forgot the last name of a couple of people, and just left a series of dots where their last names should be. I still feel totally spammed by him, but I only have a damp spot where his regular hickeys and swelties would normally be.
by btedstrom August 06, 2007
Larger than a wallet, but smaller than a traditional murse. Can be used strategically to ones advantage so that he/she doesn't get weighed down by too much cash or plastic.
Did you see Manuel and his new mini murse? He uses it so that he doesn't carry any cash or credit cards, in hopes that others will pay for his cocktails!
by BTedstrom November 09, 2006
Overly sweet, fruity, or foamy drink.
It's always fun going to Starbucks with Manuel when he orders his Venti Carmel Machiatto. It's such a prissy priss drink.
by BTedstrom November 09, 2006
Combination of badmouthing and bashing, often used by a person that studders or has mush-mouth.
The sales rep was such an annoyance as he kept badmashing us in hopes it would make us look bad. In the end, it made him look like a total douchebag, and he lost!
by btedstrom October 02, 2009

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