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girls who gives head to anyone and everyone for attention, drugs or no reason at all

usually goes by the name of Jess
Jess is a chicken head
by rainbow chick November 14, 2007
10 27
A man or woman who loves to suck dick.
Dat boy/girls a chickenhead and got some skillz fo realz!
by Dosh August 22, 2005
47 64
A dance that became popular through the Chingy, "Right Thurr" video.
Damn!..look at that girl doin the chickenhead!
by nycmami February 18, 2005
67 84
ugly girl who gives head to anyone
Damn That hoes a chicken head, mang.
by Saracwanab September 29, 2007
8 27
a woman who gives head in exchange for drugs, or bill payments
She doesn't have to pay for cable because she's a chickenhead.
by B April 16, 2005
59 78
Someone low on intelligence: stupid. Derived from the book " Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick
" You are such a chickenhead!"
by Ren May 06, 2004
126 145

The name given to the collective group of people that twitch like a chicken due to the high volumes of methamphetamines coursing through their body. Suburban white trash common to most west coast cities (trashicus domesticus) and trailer parks.
Any of various similar or related uneducated, toothless cranksters.

They can often be found awake at any time of day/night cleaning behind the toilet with a toothbrush.

See also: crankster, crank or tweeker
Oh shit! Hey Paco, check it out! Looks like another Chickenhead ran out of that 7-11 without paying a carton of smokes!
90 109