a woman who gives head in exchange for drugs, or bill payments
She doesn't have to pay for cable because she's a chickenhead.
by B April 16, 2005
Bitches who move their heads like they're dodging a punch when talking to other Bitches, and believe (most times erroneously) that they give the best head in the world. Their inordinately strong faith in thier own dick-sucking skills coupled with their fear and hatred for other women makes it impossible for them to not suck the cocks of dudes who already have a bitch in the hopes the dude will leave the bitch for them. They think the dude will do this based solely on the quality of the beej.

Men can instinctually spot these, use them, and deny it afterward, laughing, and never date them.

A state of single female desperation and self-hatred. Usually incurable.
"I ain't no chicken head, your man bought me a ring"
by one pin bun March 08, 2005

The name given to the collective group of people that twitch like a chicken due to the high volumes of methamphetamines coursing through their body. Suburban white trash common to most west coast cities (trashicus domesticus) and trailer parks.
Any of various similar or related uneducated, toothless cranksters.

They can often be found awake at any time of day/night cleaning behind the toilet with a toothbrush.

See also: crankster, crank or tweeker
Oh shit! Hey Paco, check it out! Looks like another Chickenhead ran out of that 7-11 without paying a carton of smokes!
A whore or slut who will have oral sex in order to receive payment of some kind.
Man, that girl is such a chickenhead!
by sowutifimuglt,ugly! January 18, 2007
A woman that goes down on what ever is there ( man meat ), no matter what it looks like, smells like or where its been . Just like a chicken feeding in a barnyard , they will eat anything.
Yo' man...Behind that dumpster,look at that chicken head 'Ho' bustin babybatter out 'dat fool Leon!
by eastside slim January 06, 2007
a loose woman who gives blowjobs for any little reason, except love. She will trade a blowjob for a drink, joint, and entrance into a club... or the like.

Also, a loose girl attitude.

I'm a female and can get anything I want,
cause I have a pussy.
Blair was a total chickenhead at work trying to get free drugs Wed night.

Grace was up to her chickenhead antics trying to get free drinks at Don Hills club last night, sliming all over the dj.
by Yoon July 15, 2005
A person who beats up on people who are weaker (usually a woman, kid, animal, or guy alone) for money, boredom, laughs or any other reason.

A standover who beats up anyone who is defenseless.
wow, did you see Tanisha's boyfriend Tyron beat up on that girl and guy walking home from the movies for kicks? What a chicken Head
by Demon8te May 11, 2009

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