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someone who constantly drinks alcohol (see piss)
wandering around drunk in the middle of the night like a pack of stupid drunk fuckin' pissheads.
by fakington March 02, 2003
An alchoholic.
"That pisshead drink's his Bundaberg Over-proof rum straight up and in a paperbag."
by Diego August 31, 2003
someone who likes the piss (beer)
ie almost a drunk, a piss head is probably an amature alco
yer man is a total piss head, he was out again last nite and shagged a 45 year old
by jim November 25, 2002
one who frequently consumes piss. he is always so pissed that he can hardly speak coherently. one look at his eyes is a clear giveaway of how pissed he is.
guy 1: That Fred is such a piss head.
guy 2: yea i know hes always soaked.
guy 1: i want to piss in his mouth
by dr. dangus November 23, 2011
An english slur for people of the Indian Subcontinent.
You've got to starve the pigs for a few days, then the sight of a chopped up body will look like kuri to a piss head
by seamusjager August 30, 2007
(i) any student
(ii) someone who doesn't understand the words moderation or sober
i'm a piss head
by tom millhouse March 02, 2004
1- Any metrosexual male who does not have blonde hair, but dyes his hair blonde.
2- Hair that looks like someone just pissed on your head.
1-"Yeah she dating some guy that's a piss head bitch boy."
2-"Dude who pissed on your head?"
by SHP April 18, 2005