A strain of marijuana that, once fully matured, has uncommonly long, dark hairs surrounding the buds. Named such for being so enveloped in hair, it resembles a Wookie. True Chewbacca is highly potent, having a concentration of crystals within.
I couldn't do my Wookie impression anymore. The Chewbacca had burned up my throat. Like smokin' a wig.
by tokit November 06, 2008
A hairy vagina.
John was about to have sex with his girlfriend,Ellie. But realised she had a chewbacca.
by Harry winstone October 18, 2013
a nasty, hairy vagina.
After she took her pants off, I then said, if I wanted to see Chewbacca, I would've watched Star Wars.
by Butler Butt Clogger October 11, 2011
Before the act of sexual intercourse, shave off all your pubic hair and keep it in your hand. Fuck your partner doggy style and when ready to climax withdraw and spit on her back. She turns over, thinking you are finished, you cum on her face and throw your pubic hair in her face and roar like Chewbacca.
Person 1: He has a really sick star wars fetish

Person 2: What do you mean?

Person 1: He chewbacca'd her
by Martttt October 05, 2010
the act of teabagging someone and then punching them in the face and they wake up and gargle your balls like chewbacca
i performed the chewbacca on johnny last night
by samcrawford February 15, 2009
When a prude virgin does not shave her pubic region and it just grows and grows and it starts to look like chewbacca between her legs
Omg while she was sleeping I tried to go down on her and I FOUND CHEWBACCA
by royal paper towel February 27, 2007
a large, extremely bushy pumz. the pumz generally has thick black hair, is home to a variety of cho cha insects. attracts unsuspecting mates on fridays by giving the appearance of extreme fatness and glamity. mates are thereafter swallowed whole by the chewbacca.
"its friday im going out and i need to shave chewbacca"

" ill turn off the light so he doesnt see the chewbacca"

friend" wow! chewbacca looking decent tonight!"

me: "ye i shaved chewbacca into submission"
by cbacca June 16, 2009

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