The act of pulling a chicks hair between her legs before performing intercourse from behind, then ramming an erect penis into her vagina through her hair. By doing this, the female will groan and slightly choke at the same causing a sound similar to the wookiee Chewbacca on Star Wars.
"Dude, last night I met this freaky whore who asked me to Chewbacca her.
by Hoser's List September 07, 2008
When you cut off your pubes and attach them to your partner using an assortment of strong liqid adhesives.
"I totally chewbacced that chick alst night"
"Han solo, got that chewbacca."
by Connor Keys-vight January 02, 2008
a hairy motherfucker with bad breath.
that guy is hairier than chewbacca getting his nipples rubbed by a man in a gorilla suit.
by malcolm jennings November 28, 2007
Fellatio given by a not so attractive female.
"Man, you know that ugly bitch down the way; the ho give some mean chewbacca!!!"
by LynnM October 01, 2007
Slang for "chewing tobacco".
"Yeah, I'd like some chewbacca".

"What kind?"

"SKOAL, please."
by Rough & Toothless July 27, 2006
While have sex, you moan as if your chewbacca.
Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Chewbacca is fun, to do.
by Dh Ramsy October 19, 2007

He believes in you. Do you believe in Him?
1)Thou shalt not make wrongful use of the name of thy Chewbacca.
2)Chewbaccaspeed You! Black Emperor
3)Chewbacca With You Always.
4)Chewbacca damn!
by hallford December 16, 2007

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