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When a girl is about to go down on you, and like most chicks, shell ask how you like it, you resond with, "as you're blowing me, i want you make a Chewbacca sounds so the Uvula at the back of your throat tickles my head. Its the best orgasm known to man.
I stuck my junk in her mouth and she gave my a Chewbacca.

I felt like Luke Skywalker while she Cewbaccaed my shlong.
by Lion Tamuh April 16, 2010
The lower regions of the female anatomy. Her vagina, her kooter, her fun-zone.
Guy 1: "I can't believe Beverly has not shaved chewbacca in 3 years."

Guy 2: "I know man, it's a forest in there."
by Cory P June 14, 2008
when your eating a girl out and you braces get stuck in her pubes, when you pull away and rip several out in the process and she screams
my girlfriend slapped me cuz i gave her a chewbacca
by icenighlet March 30, 2011

1. A sexual act where a man, during the final moments of oral sex, ejaculates onto his partners face whilst screaming "CHEWBACCA!" and quickly grabs said partner's hair and sticks it to their face (if they do not have long enough hair, an amount hair will have to be acquired prior to the act). The man must then punch his disoriented partner in the throat with the resulting effect that they will scream in unintelligible noises, thus mimicking the famed wookiee.


1. To perform the above act
(During Intercourse)
Man: Hey hun, want to try something new tonight?
Woman: Okay!
*ejaculates on her face, sticks her hair in it, and punches her in the throat*
Woman: *wookiee roar*!
by (>''(>O.O)> May 12, 2009
A strain of marijuana that, once fully matured, has uncommonly long, dark hairs surrounding the buds. Named such for being so enveloped in hair, it resembles a Wookie. True Chewbacca is highly potent, having a concentration of crystals within.
I couldn't do my Wookie impression anymore. The Chewbacca had burned up my throat. Like smokin' a wig.
by tokit November 06, 2008
After cumming on a womens face, rip out her pubes and throw them on her face. The screams accompanied by the shock of what has just happened leaves her looking a lot like chewbacca.
I was bored with our sex live so i decided to give her the chewbacca.
by bobby rooney April 15, 2005
When your Wife/ girlfriend wont give you sex you wait till shes asleep, then mess her hair in her face and shove your dick down her throat. When she wakes up she will scream but all that will come out is the noise like chewbacca
Your mom was being bitchy last night so after she fell asleep I chewbacca'd her.
by Russell Crow 184 July 08, 2009