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When a prude virgin does not shave her pubic region and it just grows and grows and it starts to look like chewbacca between her legs
Omg while she was sleeping I tried to go down on her and I FOUND CHEWBACCA
by royal paper towel February 27, 2007
originally a character from star wars, but can be used as an insult or to describe a hairy person.
- yoo mimi you heard about bones leaving kiki for chanel

- chanel !! girl please aint nobody checking for her chewbacca ass where you hear that from ??
by safarii-B July 31, 2012
sofi harm., also known as Chewwie, Sasquach, Moomin, hamster etc.
Fuk Off Chewbacca!!!
by D. Vader February 12, 2007
a person that you date over the internet, someone you never met, and you found out is fake and you don't know who they are or what they are
girl:hey i found this really cute guy on the internet and we totally are in love.
friend: dude, you never met, thats so gay.
girl: we plan on it, hes just on house arrest right now.
friend: well go over there sometime.
a few days pass..
girl:..hey i found out hes fake.
friend: DUDE you don't know who that is, or what they are, YOUR DATING CHEWBACCA!
by Britt Rem May 17, 2008
Before a man climaxes during very terrible sex, he knockes out his partner. After he is sure that they are unconscience, he pulls out and cums all over there body,...a large quantity of semen is needed. When he is done, he shaves his dog, preferably a golden retriever but any long haired canine will work. He covers his partner in the dog hair so that they resemble one of our Kashyyyk friends Chewbacca, a Wookiee.
This chick I was bangin wasnt pleasin me, so i pulled a chewbacca.
by Troy Nelson February 04, 2008
Adjective: Being of a disagreeable state. Not being friendly. Acting like chewbacca would.

1. "Hey can I have some chips?"
"No way"
"Cmon man, don't be chewbacca to me."

2. "Is it just me or is Fred dumber today?"
"Nah, I think he lost a bet and has to act chewbacca"
by Martoni Esposito January 17, 2007
The act of pulling a chicks hair between her legs before performing intercourse from behind, then ramming an erect penis into her vagina through her hair. By doing this, the female will groan and slightly choke at the same causing a sound similar to the wookiee Chewbacca on Star Wars.
"Dude, last night I met this freaky whore who asked me to Chewbacca her.
by Hoser's List September 07, 2008