A maneuver in which one man yells "Chestnuts!" and forcefully grasps another person's bocces, like a vice grip, for a period of seven seconds or more. The aforementioned results in a sensation of pain and also occasional homoerotic confusion.
Joey: Yo guys, watch me sack tap Ted!
Ted: Hey, c'mon what did I do?
(Ted is sack tapped)
Joey: Haha, how those bocces feeling?
Ted(grimacing): Agh, they feel like, well... CHESTNUTS!!


Dude 1: Bro, check that out!
Dude 2: What?
Dude 2: Ow... ow, let go man, ha that's enough seriously
Dude 1: No..
Dude 2: ...
Dude 1: They feel nic..
Dude 2: Shut up.
Dude 1: This never happened
by 311Chronicles May 26, 2009
Top Definition
The most legendary man in the history of the world.

BM: Man, did you see Chestnut down that extra large steeped tea?

BB: Yeah, Chestnut is such a legend
by Chestor_Is_A_Legend May 04, 2008
When a guy puts his balls in between a girls chest, while she massages it. Hence the name CHEST...NUT
Duuuudddee her tits are so big, she's gunna give me a chestnut
by glopmon123 May 30, 2011
when a man ejaculates onto the breasts of a female sex partner
When he knew he was about to cum he pointed his dick right at her huge tits. They both knew a chestnut was imminent.
by Marchel March 19, 2013
a boobjob, where a man's nuts meets a woman's chest
Dude, katie and andy just chestnutted last night.
by AznUrban March 26, 2010
While a woman is lying on her back you straddle her chest and stick your cock in her mouth. As she's choking on your wang you stick your balls in between her tits and jiggle her b3wbs which massages your nuts.
Jill had such big knockers that I had to give her the chestnuts.
by yannimyfanny March 11, 2008
To punch somebody for little to no reason
"So we were at this bar having a good time, when out of nowhere Zach just chestnuts a complete stranger, and we got thrown out.
by Rob Freidman January 27, 2008
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