a seemingly simple game to a novice but extremely difficult to master, sometimes impossible. you must have great intuition to master chess. it also has humdreds if not thousands of opening and finishing combnations and middle game tactics. there are also special moves such as castling and en-passent.
it is a common misconception in chess( they made me write chess :@)that when you win you say checkmate, it is actually customary to say "mate".
by satan, hitler aka g.w.bush October 04, 2005
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A game where if you lose you think the person who beat you must be an extremely intelligent person. And if you win you think you're the best player ever.
I just won at chess; I could probably beat Bobby Fischer now.
by runandwin January 01, 2005
A mental sport wherein players struggle to weave chains of consequences. Females that play are tenfold sexier than their male counterparts.
Samantha plays chess? Oh God, I feel a rook coming on.
by Roman Gurovich January 30, 2005
A game where the objective is to violently throw your pieces to the floor upon losing.
Chess is being ruined by computer play.
by rocketman77049 December 06, 2009
A game where if that hot, rich and powerful chick with the crown gets you, you're screwed.
is there a need for an example?
by kewltrunkz December 08, 2004
A game that's a lot harder than you think it is.

The most underrated game in human history.

A game that has been completely fucked over by ignorant shitheads who spit dirt on the game that now has a reputation of being easy, that "it's just strategy."

Yes, they are right that chess is only strategy. I wonder why they haven't googled "best chess strategies" and become a world champion?

The complexity of the game is summarized best by Grandmaster Huebner: "Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing."
Chess Player: Hey do you play chess?

Non-Chess Player: No, but when I was in 5th grade I beat my teacher! Isn't that amazing?

Chess Player: Smiles and quickly walks away, thinking, "Why do others just can't understand that age has nothing to do with chess! Beating a 50 year old who played only two games in his whole life is NOT impressive compared to beating a 6 year old who've been playing for a year! Do they really think adults played fucking chess their whole life and are supposed to be better? In last tournament I got fucked over by a 13 year old and then beat six adults and got second place with $2,000 prize money. Oh, like this dumbass'll even let me finish that last sentence before he laughts his ass of."
by Melvin720911111 October 12, 2009
Beautiful, subtle game that still hasn't been "solved" by high-speed computers. It suffers a terrible rep because its main enthusiasts are Asperger's types like myself, but like Deadheads (who I abhor) used to say, "If you have to ask, you're never gonna get it". Say it clear, say it loud, I'm a chess geek and I'm proud!
And that is "geek", never "chess nerd".
by Zonie Yank March 14, 2006
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