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German Beer Guzler,often used as an insult to a german, This word is used alot in germany's kinter gartens where little blonde boys are called laskers because there fathers abuse them after a drink!

Lasker is also a somalian garden worm which Ben pigeons from south america feed on
lets down that pint like a lasker!
you sqirm like a lasker
by rehman June 07, 2007
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To 'give someone the Lasker' means to rip them off. The word Lasker comes from Lasker Jewelers located in Rochester, MN. They are known for having high prices on low quality diamonds, thereby ripping off anyone who buys one.
Dude, that guy on eBay totally gave me the Lasker. He didn't send me the item!
by SpenceMan01 December 12, 2005
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