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Everyone's favorite anti-semitechild prodigy. Even with his incredible intelligence and chess playing skills he's just as vulnerable to dementia and trauma which has become evident in the past few years.(Early childhood and chess playing losses explain his hatred of jews, and the the all the anti Americaness) He is a great example that all the mental prowess and glory goes to pot when you let yourself be corrupted by the sins of greed and envy.
Bobby's gone off on the jews again, there goes world chess interest.
by Azaru April 28, 2005
The son of two pacifists: his dad was a German national biochemist and his mom was a secular atheist Jew physician from New York; the couple met at an international peace conference. Two children before the split, a girl and a boy. The mom had trouble keeping a job, she did things like chaining herself to the White House fence to protest the *Korean* War. If winning in life means winning and sharing approval, Bobby was a loser from the start compared to his sister. As products of outmarriage, Sis married a doctor and became a successful Republican wife while Bobby had fags set on him by polite society and was isolated. Bobby tried quitting in 1963 and again in 1968 but he kept getting roped into competing with the Soviets at chess; he couldn't hold a job, kept getting robbed and needed the money. The Soviets knew the game beyond the game, they cooperated on outcomes when playing each other. If you was ever asked who should win Fischer-Spassky 1972, the *only* correct answer was to say, "I love Dr. Zhivago, Fischer is the best chess player but the worst of both worlds in the East/West Cold War split. Spassky is devastated by his divorce but has found a new love with a female French diplomat and he wants to flee with her thru the snow in a sled and escape the wolves. Tho he is no Pasternak, Spassky is no Omar neither, and Fischer is so wrapped up in achievement with no thought of what goal and always trying to prove some point when the point of it all is winning approval and sharing approval." The media put out many hit pieces on Fischer then the featherweight candyasses ABBA had the Final Word with the hit musical "Chess." Tim Rice collaborated on "Chess" and he's the moral philosopher who mandated Judas be an N-word in "Jesus Christ Superstar"
Bobby Fischer said pawn to K4 (e4) is the best move to open a chess game because it leads to sharper tactics and more decisive outcomes.
Bobby Fischer valued the lowly pawn, some say too much.

#pawn #king #chess #gambit #media #material #abba #psych #win #winning #luser #approval #popular #popularity #love
by Horace Hornblower July 19, 2008
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