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3 definitions by kewltrunkz

A retail line where if they suddenly decided that breathing wasn't cool, half the people in this world, especially the preps, would die.
Wow, that article on Abercrombie and Fitch is so cool..that anorexic girl is having unprotected sex on a snowy mountain while riding an elk!
by kewltrunkz January 13, 2005
A game where if that hot, rich and powerful chick with the crown gets you, you're screwed.
is there a need for an example?
by kewltrunkz December 08, 2004
A word used at the end of a sentence or idea to make it seem like you know a lot more than you really do.
pi = 3.14...etc.
Any more examples needed?
by kewltrunkz December 08, 2004