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The act of throwing a punch in the air intended for someone or something, but without the physical contact. Usually done in an act of frustration and anger caused by the person or object used.
The stupid TV keeps shutting off. (An air punch is thrown toward the television.)

A quarrel in a type of relationship--the person air punches the other behind his/her back. The abusee feels the movement of air and can feel threatened, which leads to domestic violence.

A woman who suffers from PMS may show frustration through air punching.

Control air punching so that one doesn’t end up in an asylum or hospitalized.
by Latiga February 12, 2010
A comical derogatory term referred to person of Spanish descendant and now often referred to other immigrants who are fresh off the boat and haven't assimilated or refuse to adapt to customs and learn the target language of their new environment.
Yuz a chente, yo. (joking to a baby chente, whose parents came as immigrants)

Find a chente in a Hispanic bar in Langley Park, Maryland trying to buy a dance off a high priced prostitute.

Listen to that chente blarin’ that Ranchera…
by Latiga January 12, 2010

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