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Rep. an amazing central american country. It's people are amazingly generous and nice. The senery is breathtaking. To be a Honduran is a great thing. The culture is somthing that cannot be beat, and the food, is to die for. Honduras it self is a incredible country. And to rep it is somthing in its own class.
Fernando- "So what are you, Puetro Rican?"
Pedro- "No I'm Honduran"
Fernando- "Mi Vato !!!"
Pedro- "Claro xD"
by bananapuffs January 16, 2010
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Impressively lazy people who are used to everything being given to them. Government is extremely corrupt. Corruption does not stop there though; It is part of every day life for every honduran. They do not like to be told the truth when it is not what they expect to hear, or called on their lies or dishonesties if cought. They do not like it if people call them on their dishonesty and ask them to explain themselves. Their "pride" gets hurt if you do that. There have been cases where they have felt so hurt that they have actually murdered the person that they felt "hurt their pride".

Not a nice place to live. Salaries are generally extremely low and the cost of living for locals is ridiculously high.
To the honduran cost of living, many people earn the equivalent of $200 or in most cases far lessthan that a month and have to feed families of 2 or more children, on a single income household because fathers are usually deadbeats. Those lucky to have a better salary still face incredible costs (just to give some perspective, Gasoline prices per gallon are over $ 3.00 and the exchange reate of the "Lempira" to the dollar is at around 20:1 if someone makes around 3000 Lempiras a month most of it if not all of it will go on gasoline alone if he or she has a car and happens to live and work in opposite sides of the city)
by Sallycat September 23, 2007
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