Top Definition
the act of becoming jealous
Hey Jasmine are you chemas that Larry isn't crying?
by p3n0r159 January 21, 2009
Chema is both a noun and adjective describing a family living in Michigan. The word itself has been used to replace several others such as weed, domination, a good time, and illicit activities.
Guy 1- "dude you muffed that guitar chord"

Guy 2- "yeah I must have been smokin' the Chema"

Guy 1 "Its alright bro, you will Chema it next worries"
by flintstar10 May 26, 2010
Someone who get's owned by a cute fat kid named Italo
Fuck Italo owned Chema so Bad haha .
by Some Random Fat Kid March 17, 2011
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