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Sniffing male cat piss to trip balls.
Hey guys, let's go cheeze!
You wanna go cheezing later?
I'm cheezing my fucking brains out right now!
by KylevonKaiser April 09, 2008
(V.)cheezing is when someone uses a glitch, or a design error in a video game to achieve virtual supremacy over their opponents. often times, the (N.)cheezer will exploit their god-like discovery repeatedly against their opponents, even friends, until he/she quits out of disgust and frustration. cheezers have shown no sign of slowing down in recent years, despite many criticisms coming from popular virtual pundits in the gaming community.

-term is most commonly associated with sports-related or fighting video games.

pronounced (V. chee-Zing) (N. cheese-err) (A. chee-zee)
"walter can you please stop cheezing? maybe you can stop running the same play to randy moss on me everytime? i mean, it's entirely up to you man, but i know you don't want me to spread the word at school that you're a cheezer do you...? yeah, exactly what i thought cunt, now it's time for the noise to be brought on you."

"this lil mark online is a fuckin cheezer homie. yo kareem come look at this shit nigga, Kobe's already got 81 in the first half blood."

"stop fucking cheezing with Liu Kang's bicyle kick fagot. is that the only move you know in mortal kombat you cheezy little bitch? fuck you. (sigh). shit dude."
by shaunyo67 October 27, 2009
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