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to be pissed off
im really cheezed at my girl.
by sunny k October 12, 2003
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to be pissed off or angry at someone
yo why u look so cheezed for? cuz man ur punk ass is pissing me off fuk leave me the fuk alone bitch
by Guyanese Rudegyal September 04, 2005
To be under the influence of marijuana, alchol, or other drugs.
Rebecca was so cheezed at that party last night. She kept thinking she saw dinosuars.
by br00talpeople. December 02, 2010
Having been covered by cheese in the nipple area while passed out or sleeping shirtless.
Shawn was so drunk last night, we cheezed him really good.
by Fat Shawn II May 05, 2010
To be high from drugs.
I am so cheezed after smoking that joint.
by wisconsin September 29, 2004
smiling really big
haha jamie's cheezed! =D
by janice May 25, 2004
Ridiculously high
Dude, those dank nuggets got me wicked cheezed.
by Zak November 28, 2003

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