Its a Cheeze that commands the funny. Radio show cheeze to be exact. just search for Cheeze on the net and you will get CHEEZE.
hey i was listening to the Big CHEEZE Radio show. It was fuckin hilarious!

by Big Cheeze March 21, 2007
Where one's underwear and pants are in their butt
Ugh she got cheeze all in her booty she probably aint wearnig no drawers.
by Ra`shawn April 01, 2005
the coolst female ever, AND she is 100% ghetto...evryone loves her to deaath
man the otehr day i saw cheeze at thhe mall..,.hr body was ROCKIN!!
by sexy person December 23, 2005
Any video game, computer software, or other commercial product that is extremely substandard. See shit, Windows XP
GameStop gave Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles a good review, but I think it's cheeze.
by LordNarcos July 06, 2004
A slang word for an uncircumsized penis.
non being the opposite
My cheeze has an infection
by Clean Cut Boy June 12, 2003

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