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Its a Cheeze that commands the funny. Radio show cheeze to be exact. just search for Cheeze on the net and you will get CHEEZE.
hey i was listening to the Big CHEEZE Radio show. It was fuckin hilarious!

by Big Cheeze March 21, 2007
2 18
Where one's underwear and pants are in their butt
Ugh she got cheeze all in her booty she probably aint wearnig no drawers.
by Ra`shawn April 01, 2005
12 31
Any video game, computer software, or other commercial product that is extremely substandard. See shit, Windows XP
GameStop gave Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles a good review, but I think it's cheeze.
by LordNarcos July 06, 2004
7 26
the coolst female ever, AND she is 100% ghetto...evryone loves her to deaath
man the otehr day i saw cheeze at thhe mall..,.hr body was ROCKIN!!
by sexy person December 23, 2005
3 23
A slang word for an uncircumsized penis.
non being the opposite
My cheeze has an infection
by Clean Cut Boy June 12, 2003
5 29