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A nobody that thinks they are somebody.
After I called Paul a CheeseDick he grew very angry.
by 12345654321 March 11, 2008
The name given to someone who watches porn while eating Cheetos. Usually given away by the cheese stain on clothing.

He is the original cheesedick.

The nick name of Chesta Cheetos.
Look at that cheesedick. Looks like he hade the flaming hot cheetos.
by GFL November 22, 2007
Any item or service of obviously low quality.
Man, that ring that your boyfreind bought you from Wal-Mart is cheesedick.
by Reegster August 12, 2007
Completely cheating in a video game.
Pinning a guy up against a wall in a fighting game and then throwing fireballs until the other person is dead is cheesedicking
by Andrea Bur December 22, 2003
Cheesedick is a word used to describe things that center all or most credibility around glam or flamboyant fantasy culture.
Dude 1: "hey man, have you heard the new Dragonforce?"

Dude 2: "dragonforce is cheesedick man, listen to real metal."
by dazilla February 19, 2009
A generic term used for, among other things, a bullshitter, or to someone too eager to please.
Look at Wilson with the boss. What a cheesedick.
by tradesman March 31, 2003
The cheesedick is similar to the dick, but uses techniques that are clearly cheesy to annoy the crap out of those around him, often in a backwards attempt to look cool.
"Oh, yeah! Your mad Ryu skillz can't stand up to my hundred-hand slap!"
"Man, stop being a cheesedick."
by Twilight Veil April 16, 2004