a man who complains about something, when it is his own fault.
Would you like some wine to go along with your cheese dick?
by not a cheese dick February 11, 2011
A person, typically a young man around the ages of 15 to 21 who's parents are wealthy and buy them anything and everything, cheese dicks never work for what they get.
"Hey my parents just bought me a new silverado, it's red and lifted with big ol' tires!!" "...cheese dick"
by meldust522 March 19, 2010
matts unclean penis involving cheese activities
unwashed penis indicates build up of yellow cheese in other words cheese dick
by jesus farmer July 10, 2006
When you dip your dick in cheese and get a midget girl to lick it off and then stick it in her ass.
Man, look at that midget bitch, I'd love to cheese dick her.
by Mace from Spiffeh land July 03, 2006
A man who has been given the unfortunate burden of an unhealthy build up of smegma on the penis due to a combination of poor hygiene and just really bad genes.
Jesus fuck, y'know what Gezelle told me? That Chris is a smelly cheese dick.
by The Swindler March 05, 2005
n.1)man who has sex with a woman who has a yeast infection

n.2)silly person that looks foolish
1) Aw man, I'm such a cheese dick. That girl I was bangin had some cottage cheese lookin shit in her hooha.
2)Look at that cheese dick buying the Mariah Carey album.
by the Barbie twins August 20, 2004
One whose "member" has the properties of cheese, namely soft and easy to melt.
The president is a remarkable cheese dick.
by R. Snot August 29, 2003

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