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(Used primarily in the UK) A word that has found it's way across the pond for pretentious hipsters and smarmy, haughty, douche-bags alike to abuse in order to sound more cultured or otherwise interesting.
"Actually the Freemasons DO fall under the Zionist umbrella for a New World Order. If you were anything other than a self-important, overly-opinionated, under-educated 'sheeple', it would be painfully obivous. I weep for you. *Passes himself the kleenex*

by The one and lonely. November 22, 2009
a stock-standard aussie term used for saying thanks and appreciating some-one else's gesture.

it can also be used if something good is about to happen or has happened.
barmen: 'here's ya beer'
customer: 'cheers'


(a big wave is rolling in)
'cheers.. this one's gonna be a ripper'
by Maca101 April 01, 2008
To applaud a sport team or performer/group of performers. Usually involves squealing loudly and whistling.
I cheered when Metallica finished 'St. Anger'.
by Rohan January 25, 2004
An alcoholic beverage that

makes one happy. An alcoholic drink that

makes you cheerful.

Cheer and fresh = rum and coke

I'm going to have some fresh
"You wuss, have some cheer instead"
by Eugene and Zhina March 02, 2008
Used often by Brits in different contexts, look at the other definitions posted by others.

Also used by Canadians and Americans, sort of as a way of saying "Thank you and have a nice day" or can just be used as "see ya" or "Thanks."
Server at a store or restaurant: "Here's the *product* you asked for. Anything else?"
Customer: "No, that's all, thanks."
Server: "Cheers."
Customer: *leaves*
by dSaur March 24, 2014
someone gives you something and u say cheers
*gives a something* you say cheers
by secr.et July 13, 2009
In addition to being a phrase commonly used in the U.K. and Australia for greetings and at tea, also can be used to fill awkward silences and to verify that the speaker is awesome.
Friend 1: ...
Friend 2: ...
Friend 1: Cheers!
Friend 2: Hey, you're awesome!
by mairaed_13 January 30, 2011