Top Definition
Simply means the one,

Can be either, the chosen one, or the best of the best.
"You trully are the swain"
by thank god for boobies September 24, 2005
the hottest of the hott. and the best.

of the best.
"Did Swain really just call that a sticky whippy? YOUR awesome, Swain. No, really."
by j-dizzle March 16, 2005
Slang for marijunana, using marijuana and/or getting marijuana, said by teenagers in North West Washington state.
Person 1:Hey, got any swains?

Person 2:Nah man, wana go get some swains?

Person 1:Yeah, meet me down by the gully, we can go to swains.
by WASSUPhater- May 22, 2007
Means anything
yo man wanna pickup some swain later.
fuck dude i got swain'd hard last night.
i swained the shit out of that broad bro.
by SleepyDan33 June 11, 2009
One with little or no emotion whatsoever. Is very good at basketball but not much else.
Jake you're in such a swain like mood right now
by that 1 irish kid July 28, 2007
master pimp

guy that sits behind me in class

major ass hole
"stop being such a swain you dirty slut"

"Dont fuck with Swain..."
by g January 29, 2003
big dick
my lacrosse coach is a total swain
by truecraigles August 11, 2008
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