The raddest cereal in the whole entire world. Comes in a very bright yellow box. Also very healthy and good for you! They taste good with milk or dry. YUM. <3
I absolutely love to eat Cheerios every morning!
by Ginaface March 26, 2007
a smoke trick where you tap the side of your mouth to make millions of tiny cheerio sized smoke rings
god damn-it dude just get over it, your cheerios were cool and all but i think Kyle's anal smoke ring wins man
by Rolla J December 15, 2010
Word you use to talk about weed in front of parents, grandparents, teachers and who ever else you want to hide it from.(they might think your stupid though).

A bowl is a bong or etc.

Box of cheerio's=dime bag etc.
what did you do this afternoon son? I ate a BOWL of cheerio's.
hey you want to come over and have some cheerio's.
do you know where i can get some cheerio's?
by Dkilby95 November 19, 2010
Cheerios are an oat cereal that is loved by millions of people. Cheerios are a very popular breakfast and taste amazing. Cheerios are life. they provide happiness. except when you're out of Cheerios then you become sad.
I had Cheerios for breakfast and I feel amazingingly amazing.

Cheerios are life.
by claxophone July 08, 2014
A Cum-Crusted Cornhole; Usually eaten at breakfast time.
"Please don't make me eat your bowl of Cheerios"

"Is your Cheerio Honey-Nut flavored?"
by Crust lover March 11, 2014
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