a uber cool resumer
omfg cheerio should be teh op3r!!111
by Anon September 30, 2003
A young boy, fourteen to be exact, and a member of the xbox-scene forums, who was repeatedly raped by an uber nerd canadian forklift driving midget pedofile named HSDEMONZ.

He shall be missed.
1. Cheerio committed suicide earlier this year as a result of being repeatedly raped by HSDEMONZ.

2. If HSDEMONZ would have taken the time to take the dildos out of his own ass, he might have realized what cheerio actually mean't to him.
by The Allies May 29, 2004
The most adorable kitty in the whole wide world.
Cheerio is so cute! Look at him play! I miss my little kitty so much. I love you Cheerio! Can't wait to see you!
by Tencia May 19, 2004
something the stupid fucking brits say
"cheerio, mate!"
"good aye!"
by Paul January 24, 2005
1. A pointless thing for british people to say when tea time has begun
2. The worst cereal that was ever invented in the history of the world.
Cheerios dawgi gg jiodsfhgjdslfhfdjtfj
by drgdr March 14, 2007
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