Any cigarette which is illegal or not allowed in some way. It could be in a non-smoking area or you could be underage. The main thing is that the cigarette must be hidden from someone to some extent.
Im off for a cheeky during my lunch break.
by Dogsey May 23, 2009
a bitch wit a fat mufuckin ass
nigga u seen dat bitch wit the buffy ass she had dem cheekies
by dat dirty niggah January 23, 2009
shady, act of being shady
Jeswin is maddd cheeky these days.
by mcmasta September 25, 2008
2.ladies man...
3.small penis
4.tiny, baby
Cheeky for christ sake stop trying to seduce Dan!
by jonas2 November 30, 2003
someone who is selfish or dont want to share; stengy.
stop being so cheeky with your stuff
by Jankeea February 29, 2008
Also known as Ego. Ego, you know who you are and you are CHEEKY!
Bette: "I have this really embarrasing story about myself and my friend, i met her when i was eleven or twelve ...."
Ego: "Yea, I suppose that would be a pretty embarrasing story"
Bette: "What, that I have known her since I was eleven or twelve?"
Ego: " Yea"
Bette: "You are sooo cheeky"
by BetteDavis May 17, 2010
refers to an individual who posses chubby facial features. this person is refered to as cheeky if and only if they have an abnormally chubby face with a regular body. simialiar to a bobble head.
damn that girl is cheeky.
by roro89 September 07, 2009

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