"cheeky Bastard" - a skit from an episode of Family Guy.
Someone who makes disrespectful and ironic comments
but disguised as sly, witty and even funny remarks.

This qualifies Stewie Griffin as an all around cheeky bastard, not just in this one episode's skit.

Reference #1 definition:
"Cheeky is a word used by english people like myself. 1. it is a word used to describe someone who does something or says something sort of disrespectful and sometimes rude, but says it in a cunning way."

describes Stewie exactly
From Family Guy episode "PTV":

"cheeky bastard is filmed in front of a live studio audience"

Brian: "Oh my god, where's my roast pheasant?!!"

Stewie: "by now I think its in my lower intestine!"

HAHAHAHAHA! (retarded sounding version of Stewie's laughter)

Brian: "you ate it? but I told you my boss was coming here for dinner!"

Stewie: "well unless he likes pork rinds, he's going home hungry"


Brian: "You cheeky bastard!"

by Doug Quaid June 30, 2006
It is when a man shaves his testicles whilst frolicking through a neighborhood in which the residents are predominantly senior citizens.
"Poor old Jebediah knicked his left berry while being the cheeky bastard that he is!"
by Shelby Jean July 15, 2005
verb; to be
i. clever
ii. sharp sighted
iii. wise beyond your years
iv. sassy
v. intellectually challenging and captivating

cheeky can be seen interrogating grown adults who shit their pants scared out of their screw ups by choice of weapon; words
cheeky is my cheekiest BEST. suck a nut bitches.
by inLovew/cheekie February 03, 2009
Another term for quick or sly.
"Do you fancy a cheeky drink down the pub while the missus is busy."
by Helm Cheese July 25, 2003
~I way someone acts that is cute and disirable.
~An annoying person who plays sneaky tricks on people.
~A bit on the mischievious side.
The Cheeky little puppy ate little Johnys arm off
Hey dude look at that fine ass chick over there, she seems so damn cheeky!
by Cheekybiatch April 27, 2003
What British people call you if you tend to say stupid stuff, you also must joke around a lot or prank people to be called Cheeky.
"I swear you are so cheeky."
"Not the first time I heard that."
by Walking Away December 23, 2015
Someone who can be overly rude and roast people in roast battles
What are those are a very cheeky comment often made on others shoes or clothing
by Alizae_2002 December 14, 2015
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