Someone who has no shame in doing something shameful or low class.
That cheeky hoe just walks right up and starts sucking his dick under the fukin table at the restaurant and the bitch didn't even know the nigga.
the process of smoking marijuana in a sly or quick manner. a stolen moment that results in a pipe appearing
"pete do fancy having a little cheeky upstairs" said Noddy
"yes, yes i do!" replied Bigears
by hurridcaner February 21, 2004
Being Cheeky isn't a action its a way of life, some people are born cheeky, some people achieve cheekiness and others have cheekiness thrust upon them, People who are cheeky usually come in groups of 4 or 5 best friends and they all rename themselves after characters of their favorite films, other activities of cheeky people is discuss how cheeky they are over Instant Messaging and over Xbox Live's VOIP, non cheeky people think all cheeky people just add the word "cheeky little _____" at the end of the sentence but its more then that, its the foundation to brotherhood, its the emphasis to friendship and the the anecdote to conversations that only cheeky people understand.

Cheeky Activities involve sending pictures to your cheeky friends and in some cases use a bitmap editor to edit photos to make them more funny (Photoshop), they also like to get shouted at by elderly women at a bus stop or just sing their favorite songs and replaces the words with cheeky and just have a good time in general.

Also some people think people who are cheeky are homosexuals so to clarify, Thiers a Difference between being Cheeky and being Creepy and thiers a Difference between being Homosexual and being A Cheeky Bit Gay because if its cheeky its fine.
Person 1: You Getting a Cheeky Little Coffee later?
Person 2: Yeah

Person 1: Cheeky Little Xbox?
Persons 2,3,4 and 5: Cheeky Little Xbox!!!!!!

Sometimes in life You got to be a little bit cheeky
by CheekyTweek88 February 05, 2014
Vernacular for joint, or marijuana used by a small contingent of English smokers in Southampton.
"Here, mate, got any cheeky?"

"Pass me the cheeky tray, I'm going to bash another one up!"

"mmmmm, cheeeeekyyyyy!"
by Steve August 21, 2003
Used when you want to describe something as Ass, Buns, or Cheeks but as an adverb instead. And, unlike the previous words, it can actually be said before the subject of the sentence and not just after it.
-I've been having a cheeky day so far.

-The Raiders played cheeky today!
by TheBx41 October 07, 2012
1. A popular Family Guy line that can be overused, referring to Stewie's lines on PTV special "Cheeky Bastard"
2. Having the most luscious cheeks of the buttocks, well-deserved of poems, ballads, and passionate nights with or withour covers on bed.
3. A cunning genius or thing that even Superman is fond of.
1. Brian: "Where are those pork rinds?"
Stewie: "I don't know. They might be up some close crevice full of flavor."
Brian: "You cheeky bastard."
2. My Juliet, tis the cheekiest maiden
That I have been blessed to smack
My hands on...Twas a wonderful night
Of romping and thomping with you, my dear...
3. Superman: "I love Kryptonite so much, man, for all its drug-filled hipsters that whoop me around. Is that the shit or what! What a cheeky!
by Hipster Sweetness February 21, 2006
A sleazy older man preying on younger girls.
A better example would be him leering at them.
This usually happens while driving in a car or walking
by some contruction workers.
Young Girl1: ah! do you see all these cheekies looking at us?
Young Girl2: yeah dont make eye contact.
by Natalie O October 30, 2007

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