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When one pretends to swallow medication, but actually hides the pills in the part of the mouth between the gum and the cheek.
Cheeking is so common on the Psych Ward that all patients must drink water after taking pills. They must also open their mouths for the nurse to inspect that no cheeking has occurred.
by Anne Nahm June 14, 2006
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Cheeking is the term used for sliding the penis in between a girls lubricated ass cheeks without actual penetration of the anus or vagina. Its like titty fucking only with an ass.
"dude it was so lame she didnt let me fuck her but i cheeked the shit out of her!"

"Man i was cheeking her so rough last night i turned her ass crak into the grand canyon"
by Luis c castro April 08, 2009
When females wear short shorts that are too short that their ass cheeks are sticking out.
Its cheeking season at UCLA! God bless College. Does she even do squats bro?!
by losangeles_Q June 07, 2013
The result of short shorts on ladies. When you can start to see the bottom of a butt cheek on shorts that go a little too high, she is cheeking.
"Yo dawg, that bitch was cheeking like crazy over by the escalator!"
by tribalkayaker August 09, 2012
The act of touching or rubbing one's face or cheek with your vagina.
She was Cheeking that girl yesterday.
by cheeking April 21, 2010
rubbing your cheek against your significant others
Me and my boyfriend were cheeking in the basement.
by G baby March 05, 2007
cheat, peeking on your neighbor's wizzle and or g-friend changing/showering/tanning.........oh yeah, forgot to mention - ya dix inya hand the whole time and ya spouse catches yu!
I was cheeking the new piece that moved in next door and wifey took my sportbike keys and flushed 'em...
by Beischquee May 20, 2008

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