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PETA has determined that the term "Sea Kittens" should be used to describe fish. The reasoning is that this will sound cuter and that therefore people will be less likely to eat fish. The problem here is that "Sea" implies salt water. We need a comparable term for fresh water fish. This term is Pond Pussy. From now on, fresh water fish are to be refered to as Pond Pussy.
I was driving to Panama City when my car broke down in southern Alabama. It wasn't all bad though, I got to eat all the Alabama Pond Pussy I could handle.
by FIATC February 01, 2009
Like unto the Shart. When you squeeze out a fart only to discover that something more soild than gas has escaped, you have "caught one in the net".
Dude you stink! You really strained on that last fart, you better check your shorts, I think you caught one in the net!
by FIATC February 01, 2009
Synonym for shart. Attempting to fart and getting a "bonus". The result of this missadventure is differentiated from the greased cheek or the wet/juicy fart by the increased substance of the expelled subject.
I put a little to much force behind that last fart and spit a kibble!
by FIATC February 01, 2009
The postion you find yourself in while giving a proper rim job.
Hey, that girl I took home last night gave me some serious cheek-to-cheek and even threw in a rusty trombone!
by FIATC January 30, 2009
The result of a wet fart, or a particularly juice shart.
I thought I could sneak one out, but I ended up with greased cheeks, so I had to go for a maintenance wipe.
by FIATC February 01, 2009
A particularly lengthy turd which stretches from one end of the bowl to the other.
I dropped a spanner in Julie's toilet at her party, but when I flushed it bent in half and plugged the bowl how embarassing!
by FIATC January 30, 2009

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