1) This is a slang word people refer to as WEED.
2) Smokeable herd that gives you the ultimate High With no side affects.
3) This is also the nickname of the coolest peeson to chill with(JOSH DACOSTA)
4)Josh Dacosta A.K.A-Cheeba,CheebaCheebs,Cheebsy Weebsy,and Cheebs.
" Yo, you got any Cheeba?"
" Whats good Cheebs?"
by Cheeba Cheebs January 29, 2008
Top Definition
weed, marijuana, ganja, herb, grass, trees, cannibus
damn, i hope they brought the cheeb, man
by o-dog June 08, 2003
Chipmunk Cheek Expansion Bag

It's a bag that expands just like a chipmunk's cheeks would
Person 1- You girls are looking fabulous with your cheebs.

Person 2- Thanks, it expands for easy storage.

Person 1- I need to get myself one of those.
by CHEEBS ARE MY LIFE March 20, 2011
Slang for marijuana.
Cheeeeebbss! or Go get the cheebs, we need to smoke that sh*t.
by Timothy R. Hoffman October 25, 2006
Many people think it is short for cheebah, as refering to weed. Cheeb is actually a slang term for black tar heroin in many parts of cali and other parts of the US
Jim: Oh you got some cheeb? lets roll a fatty!
Sean: No you pussy i mean black tar.
Jim: Oh...i'll get the foil!
by ill box December 03, 2008
Meaning "chubby" or "fat". Often an insult to someone who has stolen your food at lunchtime.
"Gimme some of those chipies!"-Guy #1
"NO CHEEBS!"-Guy#2
by thecheeb21 December 09, 2009
A different word for a lesbian slut, but a nicer way of saying it. It could also mean to whore around with both male and female.
Wow Hanna is such a cheeb, she hooked up with Ron and Ally at the party last night.
by annnonomouse December 12, 2010
1. An endearing term for a chubby girl who ranges from slightly plump to "OH HOLY GOD, ITS CHINS HAVE CHINS".

2. Body fat.

3. Slang for marijuana.

4. A lazy person.

5. Mispronunciation of the word "Cheese"
1. "Boy, she is pretty good Looking for a Cheeb."

2. "No matter what I do I can't burn off any of this Cheeb!"

3. "Gimme a moment, I gotta finish rolling this Cheeb."

4. "Get off your ass you lazy Cheeb."

5. "Care for some Swiss Cheebs?"
by Baekara September 09, 2010
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