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drivin drunk, or buzzed
e-40 been sayin it,
ya better watch me, im comin smebbin,95,96,97
by odiouscapone December 06, 2003
i knew an old pimp ass repo man from the south he was an older black dude that rolled a lincoln versailles and wore bill cosby sweaters and lotsa gold jewelry and teeth, he said shaab about anything really cool, usually clean pristine cars...
mane, that caddi, is shaab, that saab is shaab, im lookin shaab in this new sweater, its kinda like "sharp", but paid like charles shwaab...
by odiouscapone December 06, 2003
smoke'ins, weed, herbs, chronic,green,
if you got , cheeb, you probably smoke reefer, and gotta blunt to wrap em w/
by odiouscapone December 06, 2003
the sweaty yellow residue found on or around the collar area of someones shirt,usually emmitted from someone who sweats profuselly
your momma popped her collar at me and i had to slow down before i decided to jet an be swaze
by odiouscapone December 06, 2003
extra smooth strong liquor,
ya'll busters need to get your hustle on
cuz gettin bent on the vsop is the pocket burnin sippin drink, don't drink the lower shelf shit your whole life
hennesy= bum drank
hennesy v.s.o.p.= ballers brew
by odiouscapone December 06, 2003

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